Butcher Jones Trail

Before you ask, I have no idea who was Butcher Jones.  If you find out let me know.

This is an easy trail, meandering along the north shore of Saguaro Lake for two and a half miles to a rocky overlook, then return by the same route.  Highest elevation above the trailhead is perhaps 300 feet, but the trail is a bit “roller coastery” so accumulated elevation gain might be around 800 feet (just my estimate).  This is a well established route, so no route finding skills are required.

Today was a cool day, ideal for this sun-exposed route.  Really not a lot more to say, so enjoy the views below.

Butcher Jones 008 Butcher Jones 014 Butcher Jones 022 Butcher Jones 034 Butcher Jones 037 Butcher Jones 064

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3 Responses to Butcher Jones Trail

  1. Denise says:

    This is just beautiful. Thanks for always sharing your hikes. 🙂


  2. Debbie says:

    Nice pictures, Hans!


  3. Nicole Rochette and Eugene Laqndry says:

    What a souvenir for us. Thank you very much Hans for this sharing, Nicole and Eugene x0x0…


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