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A few folks have asked to use some of my photos posted at

I reserve the copyright to all work on this site, but permission is granted to individuals, for their own private enjoyment, to use images from this site.  If you share them on the web, do not alter or crop the images, or obscure any watermarks present.

If you’d like to use my work for any commercial purpose, contact me for pricing details.

I offer a small selection of my photos for sale in various media, canvas, artist print, framed prints, acrilic and metalic print at my web site at

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3 Responses to Photo Info

  1. Liz Petterson says:

    Hello –
    I would like to request permission to use some of your photos for my non-profit organization.
    Please contact me at or (520) 577-8564.
    Thank you!

    Liz Petterson
    Executive Director, Arizona Land and Water Trust


  2. oldslowhans says:


    I’d be pleased to allow your organization the use of some of my Arizona photos. I’ve looked at the web page of your organization, and you certainly deserve my humble donation. I’m from Minnesota, but hike extensively in Arizona, and groups like yours are SO valuable.

    Let me know which ones (reference them by the title or date of the blog article and a short description of which particular photo). Knowing which one/s you want, I can send you a higher definition .jpg copy direct. The ones on my blog are compressed, so the quality may not be the best.

    I’d be interested in how you will use the photos. (Not that it matters, use them as you need, but it would be interesting to me.)


    Hans Brakob
    AKA: “Old Slow Hans”


  3. Teri Luke says:

    Hi Hans

    We think your photographs are beautiful and we would like to share one of your photos ( with the BeautifulNow community.

    We will, of course, link to your blog and give full credit for the photo we use.

    Some info about us:

    BeautifulNow is a place where people can discover, create, and share the most beautiful things happening in the world today. With curated-for-beauty news, muse, and views including:

    1) Arts Design
    2) Nature Science
    3) Food Drink
    4) Mind Body
    5) Place Time
    6) Soul Impact

    In its short life, BeautifulNow has already achieved more than 585,000 Facebook fans, and is quickly growing even more in popularity.

    Check us out on our site, as well as on Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | G+.

    In order to feature your work we will need to hear back from you by 5PM ET today.


    Teri Luke
    Community Outreach


    Connect with us!
    Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | G+ | LinkedIn

    615 West End Avenue
    New York, NY 10024


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