White Canyon Wilderness — Cliffs and Flowers

George found another good one!  Today he led us on about an 8-mile trip, with about 1,000 feet of accumulated elevation gain.

We’ve hiked nearby before, but a different route down a rather narrow canyon.  This route stayed out in more open country, largely high in the talus slopes of a series of mesa “headlands”.

There were two dominant themes to this trek — spectacular “layer cake” cliffs and buttes, and fresh spring flowers.  We’re reaping the benefit of the generous rainfall over the past few months, and seeing the early promise of a very colorful spring bloom.

First, the cliffs.  Everytime we passed the headlands of one mesa, it seemed the another rose ahead of us!

White Canyon Wilderness 054

White Canyon Wilderness 067

White Canyon Wilderness 074

White Canyon Wilderness 107

White Canyon Wilderness 113 White Canyon Wilderness 123

Did I mention flowers?

White Canyon Wilderness 064 White Canyon Wilderness 071 White Canyon Wilderness 081 White Canyon Wilderness 090 White Canyon Wilderness 148

When we stopped for lunch I was searching for a soft boulder to rest my weary bones and had a Close Encounter of the Cholla Kind.  Thanks to Jerry and Gary with a comb and pliers, and no lasting damage was done to my arm or camera bag.

White Canyon Wilderness 142

This was an “in-and-out” hike, so our return route was over the same track as we went in.

Class this as a moderate hike, some elevation but nothing steep, and lots of “visuals”.  I’ll go again.

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3 Responses to White Canyon Wilderness — Cliffs and Flowers

  1. Debbie says:

    Wish we could have been there-great pictures!


  2. Joe O'Rourke says:

    The cholla picture makes you look like a newbie. Great pictures of the hike.


  3. carolyn says:

    These are super. I love the 1 innocent little yellow flower and the bee. Those are the best. Hope your are is okay. Hugs.


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