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Picket Post Mountain, or ……

.…what some people won’t do to save a dollar! For you “back home folks” who are reading this, Picketpost Mountain is a photogenic formation, which towers about 2,000 feet above the desert west of Superior like a natural fortress, its distinctive, … Continue reading

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Peralta Canyon to Fremont Saddle

Today (Nov 25th, 2011) the club hiked the Peralta trail up to Fremont Saddle.  This is one of my favorite hikes, and today we added a little “extra” at the top. This is a pretty strenuous hike, with over 1,400 … Continue reading

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>Ballantine Trail

>Today, 3/25/11, a small group of us hiked Ballantine Trail.  More correctly we hiked Pine Creek Loop (see description at ) interrupted by a jaunt about 2 miles out and 2 miles back on Ballantine Trail (see description at ). When … Continue reading

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>Hiking Arizona

>My son Art knows a lot of cool crap about electrical computing machines, and suggested that I post some of my hiking and travel adventures on a blog.  He has a lot of scatterbrained ideas like that, but I’ll humor … Continue reading

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