Picket Post Mountain, or ……

.…what some people won’t do to save a dollar!

For you “back home folks” who are reading this, Picketpost Mountain is a photogenic formation, which towers about 2,000 feet above the desert west of Superior like a natural fortress, its distinctive, slightly saddle-shaped peak visible for miles. Originally called Tordillo Mountain, the peak was renamed in the 1870s after the Army established the Picket Post camp nearby. For a time, the Army operated a heliograph station on the mountain, using mirrors to signal other outposts.

Last week, about the time this trip was put on our agenda, our fearless leader announced that he (Joe) and his lovely spouse Dianne were hosting a steak cookout after the hike, cost $6.00 per person.  “And oh, by the way the cost is reduced to $5.00 to those who summit Picket Post.”  What a crowd he drew!  Fifteen souls left the trailhead in nice cool (40’s) hiking weather.

Now, before you get your hopes up, you should know that I won’t post any panoramic views from the top, as my dinner will cost $6.00.

But nonetheless, this is an awesome experience.

In the low going, we saw evidence of last summers fires which roared through here.

Higher on the mountain the vegetation returns to normal, and views in every direction get better and better.

But the forward view starts to look like “Do we have to climb THAT!”

A conference is convened…..

And it is decided that …….

…..we need to head up that way.

Well, I’m not the bouldering type, so at 1,400 feet or so I got a couple shots at my departing comrades…..

…. the surrounding scenery, and I headed back down in company of Eugene and Nicole.

When is the next trip?

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2 Responses to Picket Post Mountain, or ……

  1. Thank you Hans…You’re the best one…Nicole and Eugene


  2. Coleen Ehresmann says:

    Have you thought about the Writing Your Life Story class?
    Good Photos, good story.


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