The Golden Hoodoos of Bryce

This post isn’t so much about a hike (although I took a short one) , but is just a sharing of the visual experience of Bryce Canyon National Park. After spending a couple of days at Zion National Park (see my previous entry about Angels Landing), we drove with friends Doug (“The Commodore”) and Cathy Hull, up to Bryce Canyon.

Despite the name, Bryce is not really a canyon, but the edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau, carved by wind and water into a series of “amphitheaters”. The rock is various colors of limestone (mostly yellow, white, and orange) carved into surreal “forests” of hoodoos, windows, and arches.

I’ll let the camera speak for me.

The road leading toward the park is an attraction in-and-of itself. It passes through an area called Red Canyon, which is quite picturesque, reminding you somewhat of the redrock area around Sedona back in Arizona.

As eye-catching as these preliminary scenes are however, they don’t begin to prepare you for the scenes inside the park itself.

Everywhere you look, the scenes of hundreds and thousands of hoodoos standing their ageless duty as silent sentinels in this beautiful setting simply take your breath away. This is a holy place.


Have a nice summer. I’ll see you all next hiking season.

Meanwhile, I’m going to catch some walleye!

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5 Responses to The Golden Hoodoos of Bryce

  1. Dale says:

    Great job Hans! I’m going to try for some rainbows!


  2. Norm Ryder says:

    Nice fish. They always look larger when you hold them out at arms length! Great views~!!!


  3. Joe says:

    Great pictures Hans. Brought back memories of a couple of years ago


  4. Judy Yeager says:

    Great pictures, Hans. Any one could be on a postcard. Happy fishing.


  5. Anne says:

    poor fish………


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