Just two shots

Wednesday the club did a couple of hikes centered on Praying Hands.  Dana and Deb led a new route, and Joe led the old standard.  I had afternoon conflicts, so took the short route which I’ve written about here previously a couple of times.

So I’ll dispense with the narrative and just post a couple of shots which illustrate the old explanation that photography is really all about chasing light and shadow.

First a panorama looking towards the Four Peaks area, as the broken clouds  highlight a mid-distance rock formation.


The second shot presented itself on the trip back down off the mountain, when I looked back and noticed this striking sundog in which the sun is hidden behind the mountain, projecting a halo into the hazy sky above the peaks.  The shot may seem to have been shot in low light, but it was actually about 10 in the morning.  I used a very high shutter speed and a polarizing filter to capture the halo which was much more subtle in “real life”.


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4 Responses to Just two shots

  1. CRE says:

    It is an awesome photo, even though I did not understand how you got it…You are an awesome photographer.


  2. Deb says:

    Really nice, Hans!


  3. Dan says:

    There’s more to Hans than meets the shutter. Excellent.


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