Black Butte Loop, Yet Again!

I love this hike (there are about 3 previous writeups, so not a lot of description here), even though it’s sort of long (9 miles).  The attraction is the constant change of scenery.  Jagged sandstone cliffs, long horizons, and knowing you are treading in the tracks of the Peraltas, the Apaches, Jacob Walz (of “Lost Dutchman” fame), and who knows….

Since I first introduced this hike to the club a few years back it has sometimes been called  “Hans’ Death March”, so I keep leading it every year to dilute that name.  Today was a perfect day for hiking, so even though I did a tough hike yesterday, I led it again today.  Nobody was heard to complain.  Maybe the the stigma is finally lifted.

This view of Four Peaks is a little surreal in the morning haze.

Four Peak

Remember the 3 dufus treasure hunters from Colorado who perished a couple of hot summers back, hunting for the Dutchmans’ gold?  Their carcasses were found many months later on Yellow Mountain, the formation on the left in the photo below. (I included a sneak view of the Needle because Dana loves to see it in my pictures.)

Yellow mountain

For your enjoyment, I’ll close with a few shots of the striking sandstone formations in this area.  Enjoy!

Sandstone1 sandstone2 Sandstone3

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2 Responses to Black Butte Loop, Yet Again!

  1. CRE says:

    Again…beautiful photos, but then you do have a pretty awesome subject.


  2. Deb says:

    Looks like you had fun, sorry we missed it. Dana appreciated the Weaver’s Needle shot!


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