Peralta Trail to Fremont Pass

Today we hiked the Peralta Trail to Fremont Pass, then continued on to the “lone pine tree” overlook.

On this hike I carried a new toy, a Suunto GPS Track Pod, which records your movement and which you then download to give a report of your hike.  Below is some of the output describing our hike today.

Peralta hike summary

Peralta hike map

Peralta hike elevation


This is a fairly aggressive ascent, but the trail is well routed so the grade is mostly quite gradual so less tiring than the numbers might suggest.

The bulk of the hike is inside Peralta Canyon, a beautiful environment of steep walls, hoodoos, and a variety of vegetation.  Here is an assortment of scenes on the trip to the pass.







The real payoff of this hike is the views at the pass, especially the signature formation of the Superstition interior, Weavers Needle.  Here a couple shots from today.





Finally, a note about hiking safety, especially proper attire and strong footwear.

The uncertain footing on these backcountry trails can instantly turn into a twisted ankle, a slip on an incline, or any number of other serious injuries.

With that in mind, how many of you guys noticed that this hiker, rather than sturdy boots, was wearing tennis shoes!




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5 Responses to Peralta Trail to Fremont Pass

  1. Deb says:

    Oh Hans! I’m sure you didn’t even notice the tennis shoes 🙂

    After most everyone had left the Lone Pine, this young girl was out on the edge of the rock outcropping doing yoga poses and back handstands while her boyfriend took pictures. And you all missed it!


  2. Nice work Hans. Do you think we’ll get more old coots out on the trails looking for hikers wearing tennis shoes?


  3. Bob Laundroche says:

    She was dressed just the way I like! What shoes?


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