Just an Old Standard, Peralta Canyon


Fremont Pass 104

If I could do only one hike in the Superstitions, it would be Peralta Canyon Trail to Fremont Pass, then the off-trail spur over to the lonesome pine overlook.  That’s the hike we did today.

Yesterday was a rainy day, and this morning broke bright and clear.  The air was clean and the sun was bright.  A good day for hiking, but not necessarily a nice day for photography. Bright sunlit days tend to “flatten” the color in landscapes, so my expectations were that I’d have a nice hike, but just routine photos.

In fact, the early going was pretty much as expected — a nice hike.  Nice scenery, but not overly photogenic.  Just “nice, not memorable”.  Like this.

Fremont Pass 024


However as we worked our way higher into the upper parts of the canyon, the skies changed.  Maybe the sun drew up some of the moisture from yesterdays rain.  A high hazy cloud deck formed, not really an overcast, but a sort of “filter” which softened the light and gave great “dimension” to the landscape.

Here are a few shots where I tried to capture that interesting light as it gave texture to the mountains, especially out towards the horizon.

Fremont Pass 050_tonemapped


Fremont Pass 103_tonemapped


Fremont Pass 091_tonemapped


Of course the centerpiece of any trek up Peralta is the spectacular Weavers Needle formation as you crest the summit of Fremont Pass.  Here is my favorite shot of the Needle today.

Fremont Pass 089

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7 Responses to Just an Old Standard, Peralta Canyon

  1. CRE says:

    LOVE the 5th photo of all the mountains in the background. Great camera.


  2. Carolyn K. says:

    I love that 5th vertical photo. Wow, awesome distance picture of the layers.


  3. Nice photos Hans! Sounds like it was a perfect day for a hike


  4. Nice photos again, Hans.


  5. Deb says:

    As usual, great shots. Like the hiking stick leaning against Lone Pine 🙂


  6. Norman Lowrance says:

    Thank you Hans for sharing your photos and adventures. I see that you have escaped the frozen north.


  7. Laurie says:

    Have to agree with a few comments above, Hans. That 5th picture is breathtakingly beautiful!!


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