The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

About 60 years ago, I and my two next-younger brothers, Lyle and Art, skipped church one Sunday and walked to the town of Mahnomen, 12 miles east of us, and went to the movie “The Trail of the Lonesome Pine”.   I think Henry Fonda was the male lead.  It was the first movie I’d ever seen in Technicolor.

Today we hiked up Peralta trail, then took a side trip out to another Lonesome Pine.  The hike was a repeat of a trip earlier in the season (actually a three-peat if you count the Peralta to First Water cross-wilderness hike a few weeks ago).

But a lot of people had missed the earlier runs, so I led a group of 15 as an alternate to bagging Picacho Peak, another hike the club did today.

What’s more to say about Peralta to Fremont Saddle — you’ve read it all before, so I’ll just post a few nice scenes from today.

Mitch enjoying his lunch break……

Gary, posing on a cliff with Weavers Needle…..

Below is a view into the east from Lonesome Pine overlook.  The formation in picture center is Miners Needle, about 4 or 5 miles away.  I zoomed for the second photo, so you can see the eye of the needle.  Then look back at the first photo to pick out the faint eye.

More miscellaneous scenes…..

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5 Responses to The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

  1. Coleen Ehresmann says:

    I love the photos. I haven’t looked at Curt’s yet. I’m sure there’s a story about skipping church all those years ago…


  2. Lonna Baugher says:

    The photos are great, as was the hike! Thanks for leading us, Hans. Lonna Baugher


  3. Norm Ryder says:

    Another winner. Norm and Betty Ryder


  4. Mitch says:

    Thanks Hans. You caught me when I wasn’t looking. Just enjoying the sun. Mitch


  5. Lyle Brakob says:

    Enjoyed the post—definately recall the movie–would watch it again!—having a senior lapse regards the walk and how in the world we were able to get away with skipping church–must have done like the song goes—-Just Walk On By…….


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