Shall we gather at the river?

Yesterday, Friday, the hike was planned as a combination long distance hike (10+ miles), or you could shorten it by turning around when you ran out of scenery.   It turned out to be ideal for either hiking style.

The route starts at the “Battleaxe Road” ad hoc trailhead which we’ve also used for the Walnut Canyon hike a couple years ago.  From the parking spot you walk about a third of a mile to where a streambed crosses the jeep road.

Take a left into the stream bed and go as far as you like.  Eventually you’ll reach the Gila river (after about 5 miles).

The first 3 miles are “John Wayne” style cliff and canyon country!

Even before you follow the stream bed into the canyons the surroundings are photogenic cliffs right out of the movies!

Gila Canyons 003b


Gila Canyons 012b


Making the turn south into the stream bed, you are immediately in a series of twisting canyons which stretch for about 3 miles “downstream”.  The route loses very little elevation promising a nice non-strenuous walk back “upstream”, but this is NOT a prepared trail, so the going is slow in some areas as you work your way over the usual debris left by canyon floods over the centuries.

Gila Canyons 019b



Here are some of the scenes along the canyon segment of the hike.

Gila Canyons 047b


Gila Canyons 038b


Gila Canyons 155a


Gila Canyons 132a


Gila Canyons 168a


I kinda like the shot below.  In the canyon floors there were occasional pools of water.  The grey objects seen are rocks surrounding a pool, and the center of the photo is the water surface reflecting the walls of the canyon.


Gila Canyons 130b


After about three miles you’ve worked your way through the canyons, and are in a more open desert environment, not nearly as scenic, but easier walking.  Most of the group continued all the way down to the Gila river, but a few of us went only about a mile further before working our way back up through the canyons to our vehicles.

Gila Canyons 064b


In this area we saw a baby javelina tracking down his mom who was lurking in the brush nearby.  They were reunited, and streaked off into the scrub.

Gila Canyons 078b


Overall this is a great hike if you want a moderate length (6 mile) hike in gorgeous scenery, or if you want to stretch your legs over a longer distance with little elevation change on either.  Thanks, George.  Another winner.


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2 Responses to Shall we gather at the river?

  1. lil sis says:

    Cute little critter.


  2. Deb says:

    Nice photos! Great shot of the havelina, I didn’t get one.


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