Arnett Canyon

Thirty-nine souls followed me on this hike last Wednesday, Jan 15th.  This is the same hike that George, Mark, and I did on New Years Eve (see earlier post “Canyon at the End of the Year”) Normally I wouldn’t have written about such a recent hike a second time, but I was experimenting with a new (to me) technique for photographing in canyon bottoms and similar highly shaded environments.  The technique, called HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing, compares multiple exposures of the same scene at a number of different exposure levels and builds a “melded” copy which evens out the shadows and the bright areas to provide a more natural looking image. The scenes below were shot with that technique.   The sequence starts as we entered the canyon from the desert with Picketpost in the distance, and ends with a view of the north face of Picketpost Mountain where we turned around.

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2 Responses to Arnett Canyon

  1. Jackie Pearson says:

    Hans, could you give more detail on where you started your hike? We tried to access Arnett Canyon the other day via our normal route but it was blocked off due to the twinning of the highway. Thanks for any help you can give. Jackie, Gold Canyon RV and Golf Resort ( next door to Canyon Vistas)


    • oldslowhans says:

      We start from the east end, south of Superior. Coming in to Superior on 60, I turn right on Mary street. At the fire station turn right. I think that’s Telegraph Canyon Rd. Follow it south to I think Perlite Rd, find a place to park, and hike from there into the canyon.


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