Bluff Springs Loop

This is an aggressive hike, about 9 miles, which always draws a good attendance.  The route (see my description for January last year) is a mix of a long lazy flat stroll along the front of the Superstitions, then a leg stretching ascent around behind Miners Needle, then great views of the interior, Weavers Needle, Barks Canyon, Peralta Canyon, and finally a long-horizon view of Barkley Basin as you descend “Cardiac Hill”.

Here are some scenes from our hike over this route on Friday.

Leaving the trailhead you get a good view up Peralta Canyon in your rear-view mirror.



Here (below) the front of the Superstion range stretches eastward.  Miners needle is the prominent peak right of the photo center.




An old saguaro seems to hold it’s arms in surrender.




Here is the eye of Miners Needle, and a plane flies over the moon.



I was told that if you squint just right, this is a baby elephant.




The obligatory view of Weavers Needle!




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2 Responses to Bluff Springs Loop

  1. Deb says:

    Nice, I especially like the moon over the needle and the baby elephant 🙂


  2. Laurie says:

    Love the Weavers Needle with the tall Century plant


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